Easy to Get Started

Nothing to install or update

Create a Web Hub Account and use it to build and manage your tourbooks. You build and store your tourbooks within your secure account on our servers. This way your tourbooks remain available for your authorized iPad users and assigned clients to access at anytime, anywhere.

Pre-Configured for industry best-practices

Site templates are designed based on retail broker and national retailer best-practices. Each standard site template has a customizable overview page as well as sections for Site Plans, Aerials, Maps, Demos and an "Other" tab that you can commandeer and rename to suit that extremely picky client of yours.

Start delighting your clients immediately

Upload your documents, assign the tourbook to the participants and click "Publish". No more printing, sorting, or hole-punching.

Easy to Produce

Streamlined upload process

Drag and drop files into the template and let SiteTourBook organize it with intuitive tabs within the iPad App. Just drop your files into the appropriate categories for that site in the Web Hub template and they will appear as pages under the corresponding tabs on the iPad.

Accepts PDFs and all common image files

Aerials, maps, site plans, photos, diagrams and any other images can be dropped into the template on the Web Hub as you build a tourbook - PDFs and image files are accepted for all categories. Documents, spreadsheets and proformas can be saved or printed as PDFs and uploaded to any site.

One-Click publishing to assigned iPads

Say goodbye to printing, punching holes, collating, and binding. You might as well start archiving the war stories from the publishing arm of your office. When you have everything loaded into the Web Hub, just hit Publish and each participant will be notified that they have a tourbook to download. That's it.

Easy to Use

Intuitive tourbook navigation

What you want is right at your fingertips, skip the rest. The tourbook App works just like a paper tourbook, but without the hassle. No need to flip through each page of the demo report to get past it, simply touch the section or site you want and you're there.

With a paper tourbook you have to find the balance between too much and too little. With SiteTourBook you can load it ALL in and then view what you need when you're in the field without being burdened by the rest.

Take notes and take 'em with you

Yeah, that's right - we even thought of your best objection to an iPad tourbook. Every site has room for notes. Your notes will remain accessible on your iPad, or you can simply send them to your desktop as a PDF, or even print them out. You can email yourself the whole book or just the overview/notes pages from each site.

Always on, with or without a connection

Tourbooks are downloaded directly to the assigned iPad devices. They stay on your device, ready to be viewed regardless of your connection. (Hint: you can buy the WiFi-only iPad and save a few bucks).

Easy for Your Clients

Intuitive tourbook navigation

Have we mentioned that it's easy to use? It's purposely designed to accommodate even the technically challenged with ease. The SiteTourBook App works just like a paper tourbook, but much better. Decades of being tortured by paper tourbooks is all the training required to instantly master SiteTourBook.

Share your iPad, or send it to theirs

SiteTourBook works with what you've got. Your client can share your iPad, use a loaner from your office or download the tourbook to their own SiteTourBook App on their iPad. They'll have no problem getting around on it even if it's their first iPad experience.

They can take it back, even without a an iPad

If your client shares your ipad or you give them a loaner for the tour, they can email themselves a copy of the whole book, or specific sites/sections, including their notes...or you can send it to them yourself.

Easy to Share and Store

Share all or part of a tourbook by PDF

No more mailing your clients tourbook back to headquarters for them. From your iPad or from the Web Hub you can send a PDF copy of a tourbook by email. You can send the whole book, including any notes from the tour, or just send specific sections and/or sites. You can send this to yourself for reference on your computer, or send to a colleague to quickly bring them into the loop.

Store 100+ tourbooks on each iPad

Even the cheapest iPad can hold over 100 tourbooks, but you may want to get more memory to hold all of the "other stuff." Now that you've got the perfect excuse to get an iPad, we're sure you'll think of some other very necessary uses for it too!

Store and manage all of your tourbooks in your Web Hub account

The Web Hub is like command and control. All your tourbooks are here whether you keep them on your iPad or not. Build, assign, share, update, store all from your secure Web Hub account.